Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Introduction to the JTP Team

It's time to get this blog started again. Work has been steadily progressing as we have had regular Jungle Tim meetings to share ideas and divide the tasks ahead. Our design team is as follows:

Tanner- Project director and music specialist
Matt- Head programmer
Austin- Assistant programmer and music specialist
Brandon- Game artist
Tabitha- Animator and illustrator
Lindsey- Storyboard designer

The central focus of the Jungle Tim Project (JTP) is a video game that will release on iOS and Android in the near future. We will also be making a paper-art stop-motion video showing some of Jungle Tim's adventures in the jungle, as well as a children's book based on the story. The paper-art video is on the way, and we are making steady progress on the video game.

This post is by Austin, so I'll give you a brief introduction of who I am, and my part in the JTP. Right now I am attending Arizona State University as a computer systems engineer. I have a passion about computers and programming, and I am excited to be able to add to this project. I am also helping with the music for the game. I play several instruments and sing, and now I writing music. I really like making music that has a nice jungle feel. It will add a nice touch to the game, and help the players feel immersed in the story.

Check back for more posts to learn about the other team members and the progress of the JTP!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting Started!

Do you ever wish you had the means to make fruit of your ideas?

Do you want a job you actually enjoy working at?

Do you desire to be in your "happy place"?

For us, the means to idea fruition, the jobs we always wanted, the portal to our "happy place" is fatefully placed on the success of one thing:

The Jungle Tim Project

We see TJTP as pure fun dressed in creative words, shod with ones and zeros and capped with unique art styles to give you a game you can play on your phone or media device, a book you can read to your kids, or just something to pass the time.

We like fun; so we are creating it and are planning to share it with you.

Join us on our adventure of the creation and fruition of our dream. From nothing to something we will create Jungle Tim, and you can be a part of it!

Oh, and don’t forget the monkeys. There must always be monkeys!